i need you so much closer...

  • Someone: Are you fucking serious?!
  • Remus Lupin: *SWEATS*
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Neville had come lunging out of nowhere; unable to articulate a spell, he had jabbed Hermione’s wand hard into the eye hole of the Death Eater’s mask. The man relinquished Harry at once with a howl of pain.

Chapter 35 - Beyond the Veil
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Guys, remember that time Neville couldn’t get his wand to work so he stabbed a motherfucker in the eye?

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Via So what if you catch me, where would we land?



2,400 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - Perfect for EVERY occasion 

The donut chain created the special ‘Double Hundred Dozen’ as part of its new ‘Occasions’ offering which caters to large scale events and parties. 



"When a man says no in this culture, it’s the end of the discussion. When a woman says no, it’s the beginning of a negotiation." - Gavin de Becker

He only stopped after my last message. I am still speechless.

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Spotted at a bar in Columbia, Missouri. [via]

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Cat Closeup




Cyber harassment study reveals the unsurprising!

It still amazes me that I talk to guys who still think they get harassed just as much as women online. Like even from people who aren’t clearly and totally gross dumbasses. It kinda makes me think that, even in the best cases, it might be hard to really understand the sheer difference in frequency. You see a woman get harassed on a game and you go “Oh well I’ve been harassed” without understanding that there is seldom a session for her where that doesn’t happen or understanding what her inbox might look like…

That is a sort of stunning degree of difference.

"The data’s in! Women were lying about online harassment!”

"Aha! We knew it!

Yeah, they’ve been severely underreporting how bad things are for them, turns out.”

"Wait, what?"


What I wouldn’t do to ensure the Obi-Wan spinoff happens.

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get ready for some more “why am i so fucking ugly” bullshit

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